AmALfi Release Notes

As Google Play only allows 500 characters in the 'What's New' area of an app's listing, this page gives more comprehensive details of each AmALfi release to date.

This listing may not be 100% complete, but we have attempted to collate as much information about what has changed between each release as possible (without boring you with the really irrelevant stuff).

For information about any known issues with the current version of AmALfi please see our Known Issues page.

Released: November 19, 2020

All users:

  • New built-in Amazon browser with Instant Affiliate Link button for easier link creation.
  • Improved warnings and info in Associate Tracking ID screen - including a Help popup accessible from the top actionbar.
  • More product URLs recognised for image and Text+Image link generation (including the format that Amazon™ are using for Black Friday deals this year).
  • Reorganised Options menus and other UI tweaks.
  • Various other fixes and stability tweaks, including update to latest Android API.

In v2.2 the link copy buttons have been replaced with link share buttons.
If you click on the share button, Android should give you the option of copying the link along with various other sharing options.
If you preferred the original copy link buttons, then simply head into All Settings in the main menu and there is an option to switch the buttons back to one-click copy link buttons.

Released: September 3, 2020

Released: July 8, 2020

Released: November 17, 2019

Released: September 26, 2019

Released: August 23, 2019

Released: July 8, 2019

Released: November 15, 2018

Released: October 19, 2018

Released: September 18, 2018