The Quickest & Easiest Way To Make Amazon™ Affiliate Links On The Go

With the AmALfi App you no longer need to log in to Amazon™ Associates Central in order to create affiliate links.
With just a few taps on your mobile device your links are ready to share.

The app is fully integrated to work with your device's web browser or the official Amazon™ app and links can be instantly shared via your Social Media apps or embedded in your blog.


AmALfi supports all current Amazon™ Associates Scheme regions.

  • - United Arab Emirates
  • - Canada
  • - China
  • - Japan
  • - United Kingdom
  • - United States
  • - Australia
  • - Brazil
  • - Mexico
  • - Germany
  • - Spain
  • - France
  • - India
  • - Italy
  • - Netherlands
  • - Singapore

Uses Amazon™ Standards

Link format and Short links are the same as Associates Central creates.

AmALfi not only creates links in the same format as Amazon™ Associates Central, it uses the same link shortening technology as Amazon™ themselves use. This means that you get genuine links that are fully approved by Amazon™.

Amazon™ does not allow other link shorteners to be used as this can be considered 'link obfuscation'. By using the same link shortener as Amazon™ themselves, AmALfi does not violate this Associates Scheme policy.


Unparalleled Flexibility

AmALfi generates more link types than any other Amazon™ Affiliate Link Generator.

Built-in Amazon™ Browser

With Instant Affiliate Link button for quicker link creation.

Direct Product Links

Affiliate links direct to individual product pages.

Instant Search Links

Instantly create affiliate links for any region from keywords.

Short links

Create official short links. (With AmALfi Pro you can even use your own Bitly account)

Product Image URLs

Direct URLs to show product preview Images.

iFrame Image & Text Links [Pro Only]

iFrame based Image and Text links with price info and a Buy button.

Link Direct to Reviews

Want to share what others think about a product and still earn affiliate revenue? AmALfi can do that too.

Raw Link URL

Copy or share the raw link URL.

Full HTML link code

Everything you need to drop straight into a web-page, ready formatted.

BB Code

Everything you need to drop straight into a Bulletin Board post, ready formatted.


Create affiliate links to almost any other Amazon™ page.

Built with Privacy in Mind

AmALfi doesn't want to know what you are doing!
We therefore do not need to know your Amazon™ account details.
So... We don't ask you to give us your account or email info, all we need is your Associate tracking i.d.s in order to create your links.
This helps keep your Amazon™ account safe and secure.


What are you waiting for?

Go get the AmALfi App from Google Play right now...