Can you help?

Make AmALfi even better


There are a few Amazon™ regions for which AmALfi's functionality is not complete. This is because without a local address and a local Amazon™ Associates account we are unable to access Associates Central for these regions.

We therefore need a little help from associates in the following regions.


If you are able to help us out with some very simple information for any of the regions above, then please get in touch. If you are already posting affiliate links for these regions then you probably already have the info we are looking for.

There is a free AmALfi Pro upgrade code up for grabs for the user in each region that gets us the info we need.

Early Access / Beta Programme

Do you want early access to new AmALfi features?

We run an open beta programme via Google Play which means that users can sign up to receive pre-release versions of AmALfi before they are generally available.

The beta programme is where we ask users to try out new versions and new features and give us feedback on any issues - or even just tell us if they like the new features!

The whole beta test process is handled via Google Play, so you still receive your app updates securely in the same way you receive regular app updates, you just get the updates earlier (with the caveat that as they are beta test versions they may still contain bugs).

You can sign up to the beta test programme on Google Play simply by clicking here.


If you are interested in helping to translate AmAlfi to your local language, please get in touch.