How To

How to get the most out of AmALfi

Affiliate Links in Three Steps

Three quick & easy steps to create an Amazon™ affiliate link with AmALfi.

This short video introduces you to the basic concept of AMALfi - quick and easy affiliate link creation from a listing in the official Amazon™ App or on an Amazon™ website.

Find Your Associate Tracking ID

It is vitally important that you configure AmALfi with your correct Amazon™ Associate Tracking ID.

Your traking ID is what Amazon™ use to identify any purchases made from links you created, so without the correct ID Amazon™ will be unable to attribute purchases to you and you will not receive your commission.

You can find your Associate Tracking ID in Associates Central on the Amazon™ website. It will be a sequence of characters - usually associated with your website or blog name - followed by a hyphen and two digits. Something like amalfiapp-21.

If you are unsure of your Associate Tracking ID, or do not know how to find it on Associates Central, we have built a little tool below that will help you find your ID from one of your existing Amazon™ affiliate links.

Find your Amazon™ Associate Tracking i.d.

Please paste one of your known-working Amazon™ affiliate links into the box below:

Use your own Bitly account

AmALfi Pro users are able to use their own Bitly account to allow them to manage their own short links, view link analytics and to avoid the limits of AmALfi's short link creation quota.

We don't publish how many new links this quota allows but it is a big number per month. The quota is allocated to AmALfi by Bitly and is shared between all users of AmALfi who do not choose to use their own Bitly account. This quota often runs out before the end of the month due to AmALfi's popularity.

By using your own Bitly account you receive a quota of new short links all of your own from Bitly.

You can use a free or paid Bitly account with AmALfi, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. If you already have a Bitly account, log in as normal at If you don't have a Bitly account yet you can create one for free at (There is a button to sign up to Bitly in the AmALfi app as well, just head to the "Short Links Generation Account" page from the main menu)
  2. Once logged into your Bitly account, navigate to Profile Settings -> Generic Access Token.
  3. Select your API group if you have more than one (if you are just starting out you will only have one).
  4. Enter your Bitly password again.
  5. Click the "Generate Token" button.
  6. Copy the token generated (it will look like a long string of letters and numbers).
  7. Return to the AmALfi app and go to the "Short Links Generation Account" page from the main menu.
  8. Paste your access token into the "Your Bitly Generic Access Token" field.
  9. Flick the "Use your own Bitly account" switch.
  10. Click "Save" and "Done" and you're done!

Any short links you create will now be created in your own Bitly account and you can view and manage them in your own dashboard on the website.