AmALfi News policy change removes AmALfi built-in short link quota
Date: April 2024

Unfortunately a policy change announced by - the service providerused by both Amazon™ and AmALfi to create short links - in March 2024 resulted in AmALfi's built in short link quota being reduced by 99.9%.

We negotiated with but they were not prepared to extend our free short links quota beyond the new standard 10 (yes, just 10, to be shared between our thousands of users!) despite the fact that we have driven hundreds of new users to their platform over the years.

This means that we have been forced to remove the built in short link creation quota. We tried our best to avoid this, but at this point Bitly wanted to charge us hundres of times what AmALfi makes each month from Pro upgrades in order for us to provide you with this functionality for free.

We have therefore taken the very difficult decision to make short link creation an AmALfi Pro only feature as short link creation now requires your own Bitly account to be useable.

If we had left things as they were, the new quota of just 10 new short links each month would have been used by our users within an hour of the new quota becoming available, rather than lasting at least 20 days and often the whole month. This would meang that a Pro upgrade would be required anyway to continue creating short links and we fealt that this was a confusing situation for our users and we didn't want that.

All is not lost, though. When you upgrade to AmALfi Pro you are still able to use your own free account to create short links. If you require more than the free 10 links that Bitly now offer all of their free plan customers then you are able to choose a Bitly subscripton plan that suits your own purposes.

We didn;t want to do this and we negotiated hard to find a solution that would allow us to keep a quota of free short links built into AmALfi, but just 10 links per month shared between thousands of users just was not going to work, and providingour previous level of free short links - which Bitly reduced by 99.9% with just a few weeks notice - was just not viable considering Bitly wanted to charge hundreds of times AmALfi's income.

The change to Pro only short links has been made in AmALfi v 2.9 (297), however becuase the quota has been reduced by Bitly users on earlier versions of AmALfi will simply receive the AmALfi error message that the free quota of short links has been used for the month.

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