Privacy Policy

We don't want to know what you are doing!

Our Privacy Policy is deliberately short. We have no interest in your data, so we are able to keep things simple.


AmALfi does not collect any personal data.

AmALfi uses your network connection only to retrieve shortened links, to show you image previews and link previews, and to allow you to browse Amazon™ websites to find products to promote. No data is sent to AmALFi or No Original Thought.

If you enable notifications, a Firebase Installation ID will be created on Google's Firebase servers to allow these notifications to be sent to your device.

Short Links / Bitly

If you choose to create short links using AmALfi's account/id then the links that you create will be stored under No Original Thought's AmALfi bitly account. No OriginalThought - the authors of AmALfi - will not have access to any identifying information about who created the links other than the Amazon Associate Tracking i.d. included in the link.

If you upgrade to AmALfi Pro you have the option of using your own account. In this case No Original Thought has no visibility of any links that you create as they are created under your own account.

Notifications & Google Firebase

From v2.3, AmALfi is able to send notifications to your device even while AmALfi is not running.

To be able to do this, AmALfi makes use of Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service.

You have full control of which notifications you receive via AmALfi's settings and Android's notification settings.

When you enable AmALfi notifications a Firebase Installation ID will be created on Google's Firebase servers. In some jurisdictions this is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Data (PD) and as such may be governed by data protection regulations.

You can read more about the Privacy of Google's Firebase service here noting that AmALfi only makes use of Firebase Cloud Messaging and therefore only Installation IDs. AmALfi does not use Firebase analytics and therefore does not store any other data on the Firebase servers.

In addition, if you disable notifications in AmALfi (under All Settings), your Installation ID will be deleted according to Google's Firebase procedures.

Note also that if you receive notifications from other apps on your device, there is a good chance that these apps are already storing data on Google's Firebase servers. AmALfi gives you the option of enabling or disabling notifications and gives you this information as part of our policy of being completely transparent about how the app uses your data.

Policy updates

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time including, but not limited to, when app updates are published.